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OutFox connects you with women working in your field today, so you can make an impression for tomorrow. Join us and we'll match you with a mentor who can help you crush your job on day one.

Nervous about your first gig out of school? We've all been there. Tell us what industry and city you're working in and we'll match you with a woman who can help you navigate the first few months on the job. If you're not sure what you want to do (and that's very common!), tell us about your interests and we'll connect you with a woman who can share with you how she landed her dream job. 

Moving from college to the real world is a big change. The OutFox community is here to make the move easier!



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Tell us about you and we'll match you with a woman who has been in your shoes and now works in an industry you're interested in.



Email, text, meet in IRL -- you and your mentor will decide the best way to chat. We make it easy to connect.



Get excited about the road ahead now that you have a girl boss on your side. She'll share with you the tools to succeed in your newly launched career!


Why does mentorship matter?

Women lack "career confidence"

Research shows that women apply for jobs only when they meet 100% of the list qualifications, where as men apply when they meet 60%. We call this the confidence gap. OutFox believes connecting women will help career-launching women understand that a career path is not a straight upward climb. There will be jumps and pivots. Most importantly, all woman have a shot at getting their dream job.

We believe together we're better. We hope you join us!


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