What we're reading: women who are crushing it

What gets you up in the morning?

For us, it's inspirational stories from the women in the world exploring meaningful careers. We'd love to share some of our favorite stories this week.

Working for more than the weekend

The women at OutFox are interested in a career that brings more than a paycheck -- it produces satisfaction and meaning. That desire is propelling women into leadership roles in bitcoin and beyond. But, we do have to wonder... is this desire more acute in women or is it simply more frequently highlighted? We're bringing you some stories about passion in women's careers and we'd love to hear your take.

Blockchain bosses. Women represent top seats at many of the start-ups tackling blockchain. Why? Doing good with technology resonates to them. Read their stories on Quartz.

Balancing becoming a mom. Questioning if you can still create meaningful work with your attention divided as mom? So was author Joy Lanzendorfer. Read her story on The Washington Post.

Female founder? Emphasize mission. A recent Harvard Business School study found that female founders that emphasize their venture's social impact avoid the penalty of gender bias in pitching. Does this help or hurt us? Read more in Harvard Business Review.