Ladies, it's time to make more money. Introducing: OutFox

OutFox is the ultimate tool to increase your salary

Not negotiating your first salary can amount to a loss of half a million dollars over the course of your career! 

We get it: talking about your salary is awkward, you don't want to seem ungrateful, or you're hoping that if you wait it out just a little bit longer you'll be rewarded for all your hard work. 

We know how you feel, because we've been there! 

But guess what, not negotiating your salary has long-term harmful effects, especially for women. 

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Never feel unprepared to negotiate your salary

Don't go into battle unarmed. Experts agree the biggest mistake you can make in a negotiation is not being ready. 

OutFox is here to help!  Our community is filled with badass women here to give you the tools you need to win the pay you deserve, no matter what you're negotiating:

  • Your first pay-raise
  • Off-cycle promotion or raise
  • Salary at a new job
  • A new or unique title 
  • Any unique challenge you're facing - we can help

Our foxes are here to help. And we do it all in just five 30-minute sessions!


Close the pay gap, starting with you


Get started today with OutFox. Five 30-minute sessions for only $50

What to expect

  • You'll get a dedicated mentor to guide you through the process
  • She's a real woman whose been there, in your industry and knows what you're going through 
  • A considerable bump in salary - our coaching can lead to thousands more dollars in the bank, for you 

What you get

  • 5 thirty-minute coaching sessions by phone or text
  • A personally crafted story to aide in your negotiation 
  • Guaranteed actionable plan for approaching your negotiation
  • 6-month ongoing access to the OutFox mentorship network