Welcome to OutFox, the next wave of career-networking for female engineers

We're OutFox - a network of coders built for women, by women, and we exist to take the pain out of networking.

We were sick of feeling obligated to stand idly in awkward networking events trying to sell ourselves and 'get ahead', or sending blind emails to other women in the hopes of maybe getting a response, so we built OutFox. At OutFox, meet other career-minded female coders from the comfort of your own phone, to supercharge your network without burning out. 



Want to join hundreds of women in our network?



Unlock access to over 200 women who code that have already joined OutFox. Meet women who work at companies you admire, on side-projects that inspire you, and who have faced similar career challenges! 



Connecting on the OutFox app is simple and painless. We curate relevant matches for you based on your personal goals, so you can chat with other women in tech who can help you to get ahead in your career.



Women on OutFox are open to chatting about the unique challenges that face us in the technology industry. Our exclusive content and in-app coaching features help keep the conversations fresh and exciting. 


Why should female coders be networking?

41% quit rate among women

The quit rate for women in tech is 41% compared to 17% for men. Think of all the money and opportunities we lost because we couldn't find a way to better our situation. 

25% of computing jobs

Women only hold 25% of tech jobs. We need to stick together, support each other, and learn from the experience of the trailblazing women who've been there before us.


We're making it easier for career launching female engineers to connect directly and meaningfully to other women who are forging similar career paths, to get inspired to make bold career moves, and climb the ladder. It should be as easy as simply saying 'Yes!' to other women that want to help.

We believe together we're better. We hope you join us!


Join us, and supercharge your network!