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OutFox works with businesses to two solve critical problems: recruiting a more diverse talent pipeline, and building the next generation of strong leaders.

The combination of these two efforts has proven its ROI time and time again. A diversity of genders at the table leads to stronger financial results, while strong management and coaching skills in mid-level management leads to higher employee retention at every level.

With young talent more restless than ever, investment in pipeline and retention are imperative to ensure the long-term health of your business.

Join OutFox in our mission to help build the female leaders of tomorrow.

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“From the outset, fewer women than men are hired at the entry level. At every subsequent step, the representation of women further declines… Women are doing their part, now companies need to do their part too.”

- LeanIn.Org & McKinsey Company, Women in the Workplace 2018 Report



How it Works

OutFox Partner Companies submit high-potential women to become mentors to women in our next OutFox cohort. Mentors are often young, promising talent are preparing to transition from IC into a managerial role.

Women in the cohort express interest in a mentor specifically at your company, and we make a match based on skills and background. We facilitate an ongoing conversation between mentor & mentee, with our proprietary coaching content, that helps mentees gain insight into what a career is like at your company and how to become amazing applicants and future employees.


Recruit Top-Tier Talent

OutFox vets & accepts a diverse group of women from top-tier colleges who apply through a rigorous application. These competitive young women are excited about actively investing in their careers from Day 1.

Outside of mentorship, OutFox women participate in other career-building events to supplement the experience and get them ready to join the workforce.

Build a Pipeline

We offer partners the option of requiring a Guaranteed Acceptance Contract - think of it like early admissions but for a job at your company. Spots are contingent upon the candidates’ completion of the 6-month mentorship program and successful interviews.

The women our next cohort are College Juniors & Seniors looking for internships and full-time opportunities, who apply with specific interest to your company.

Invest in Strong Leaders

Nominate female mentors from your company to learn critical leadership skills at the turning point of their careers.

Our proprietary content teaches mentors how frame meaningful management conversations and practice their coaching skills. OutFox mentors build empathy, learn to ask important questions, and how to foster the next generation of talent.


Become an OutFox Partner Company