Welcome to OutFox

OutFox was born from friends helping friends hack their way into the job of their dreams. Now, we want to supercharge the next generation of girlbosses.

Building your career from the ground up is no easy task, why go it alone? We've curated a community of women who work cool jobs at the best companies, do inspiring work, and all-around kick-ass.

If you’re a college Junior or Senior looking to connect with career-owning women, you’ve come to the right place.

We are a female career accelerator, here to help you outsmart your career.


Connect with a female mentor at your dream company

First, we connect you with a career-woman who has been in your shoes, and is working in the job you want. She's shifted gears many times, overcoming obstacles to achieve career clarity. OutFox helps you tap into her insights.

She’ll prepare you to apply for a job at her company. Take a look at your resume, cover letter, and help guide you through gaining the necessary skills to land the job.

Access insider coaching from women who’ve been there.


Make networking your new superpower

OutFox connects you to more than just mentorship, we host awesome events where you can meet other career-minded women your age and get comfortable talking about your goals.

Notoriously, men have shallow but expansive networks filled with loose ties, while women invest in deep but narrow networks. Research shows it is those weak ties that give men a career boost in the long-run when it comes to getting jobs number 2, 3, and beyond.

We are here to give you that boost.


How It Works

Apply for a match

A little info about you goes a long way. We accept high-potential college students who are driven to build exciting careers and match them with women they can relate and aspire to.

Weekly Guided Sessions

We match you with a mentor from your dream company.

She’ll give you the inside scoop and you’ll chat regularly about a variety of guided topics

Ongoing Development

OutFox events build your networking superpower, industry-insider webinars prepare you to apply, and career building resources ensure you’ll hit the ground running from Day 1 on the job


Our mentors connect you with exciting, top-tier companies…

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and more!


Women who love OutFox

"I started working in advertising right out of college. After four years in the business, I woke up one day and started wondering if this was the only thing I was going to do. I came to OutFox and my Fox has been an amazing sounding board to figure out what other career options might exist and how I can get there."

-Stephanie, 27, Atlanta