Welcome to OutFox

OutFox was born from friends helping friends hack their way into the job of their dreams.

Do you feel stuck at your job? Looking for a career that you love, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. 

We're a community of women who have switched jobs, changed industries, and made total career 180's when everyone told us we couldn't.

Now we are here to help you outsmart your career.


Meet your ultimate career mentor

We'll connect you with a career-woman who has been in your shoes. She's shifted gears many times, overcoming obstacles to achieve career clarity. OutFox helps you tap into her insights and network.

Our advice-givers aka "Foxes" are available to chat on-demand, by text or phone, whenever you need them, so it's okay if you're in your PJs. We don't judge, we've been there. 

No preparation or appointment necessary.

How It Works

Tell us about you

A little info about you goes a long way. We use it to connect you with the right career Fox that can give you personal and relevant advice.

Talk with your Fox

Your Fox will reach out directly to chat on whatever platform is best for you - text, talk, email, you name it. We want to make the job search a snap.

Go from job to career

Talk to your Fox about any career needs from identifying the right path to networking to get there to positioning yourself for success. 


Women who love OutFox

"I started working in advertising right out of college. After four years in the business, I woke up one day and started wondering if this was the only thing I was going to do. I came to OutFox and my Fox has been an amazing sounding board to figure out what other career options might exist and how I can get there."

-Stephanie, 27, Atlanta